General Overview

Design and engineering services, importation and assembly, maintenance and periodic testing of conventional, addressed fire or gas alarm systems are provided by our trained staff.

Smoke, Heat and Flame detectors are supplied according to investors’ certification requests.

Exproof UV / IR or IR3 flame detectors, LHD (Line Heat Detection) systems, BEAM (beam type) detectors and air sampling fire alarm detectors, waterproof detection systems are supplied from USA. Exproof Gas alarm systems are imported as fixed system from Canada and portable gas alarm systems are imported from USA. Technical details and further information are available at our specifications.

Our certified staff, trained by producers, performs designs and commissionings of systems.

Fire Detection & Alarm System

Fire alarm systems designed, sold, assembled and maintained by our company; all conventional, addressable, standard type detectors, air samplers and beam type detectors, panels and auxiliary equipment are supplied from USA or UK. Exproof flame detectors (UV / IR or IR3) and exproof gas detectors are imported from Canada.

Usage Areas of Fire Detection System

Fire detection and alarm systems are a technology that is used in all internal and external areas where there is a risk of fire. Especially in triggering of suppression systems and automation of passive systems, fire detection systems are used.

Gas Detection & Alarm System

The exproof gas alarm systems, which are designed, sold, assembled and maintained by our company, are imported from USA and Canada.

Usage Areas of Gas Detection System

Flammable gas is used in all areas where there is a risk.
Examples for the most commonly needed application areas;

  • PG, LNG, industrial gas distribution and storage stations
  • Refineries
  • Laboratories
  • Fuel stations

Ex-proof Systems

What is “Ex-proof” and why is it important?

Explosion may be triggered by any energy splash that results from mixing of air with volatilizing gases at the appropriate rates. This energy can even be a small spark or static electricity. At hazardous areas called “zones”; electric motors, panels, equipment carrying electrical energy, fire detection systems, lighting and warning equipment must be “ex-proof”.
The system, called “ex-proof”, ensures that equipment containing or transmiting energy is protected against any possibility of “Spark” according to a desired class. Insurance agencies, regulation and quality management do not allow the use of non-certified equipment in this regard.

Usage Areas of Ex-proof System

  • At chemical, petrochemical and gas sectors,
  • At all industrial production areas where small particulate foods or raw materials are processed,
  • At factories processing powder sugar, grain silos, flour, cocoa, starch and cereal flours,
  • At industrial air, where dust, gas, or rich air mixed combustible particles are present,
  • Cement and mills as production method or in sectors where mills are located,
  • Industrial plants producing yarn, wood chip, paint, foil / metal,
  • Reactor, closed circuit production lines, tank and filling tanks.

Development and Installation of the System

In case of discovery made at risk area and precise data provided; project and calculations, design and testing are done by us. Ex-proof Protection Systems, “Gas Suppression”, “Tank Cooling” or “Ventilation” systems, triggered by detection systems, are delivered as a turnkey project.

Our Quality Difference

ATEX certified “Ex-proof” products supplied from our suppliers in Europe are imported at different types or we have electric motors used in risky areas become ex-proof. All products are certified. Assembling workmanships and designs are performed as abroad approved.

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