General Overview

The purpose of the building elements and systems used for building and / or installation at time of fire occurance is to block smoke and heat, and keep them in the desired horizontal and vertical sections.
Also the system is not to suppress the fire as active systems, but to block, control the fire and activate detection and suppresion systems at short notice.

Fire walls, curtains and doors, large-scale fire-barriers are responsible for blocking small-scale smoke and heat. Smoke and heat are thrown out by means of fire ventilation covers. In this way, fire protection is secured at a short notice while exposing to minimum damage and loss. The detection and suppression systems can be activated immediately. All hardware and systems are supplied and assembled according to durability period given by certified fire consultant or engineer.

Passive systems can be triggered automatically or manually depending on fire alarm system or building automation system.

Fire and Smoke Curtains

Fire and smoke curtains are used to block smoke or heat inside structures or complexes as vertical, horizontal, curvilinear and blocky according to fire scenarios, evacuation plans, and architecture.

It is closed or opened automatically or manually by signal received from the fire alarm system. It is a flexible and safe solution to keep smoke and heat under control, to block, to keep corridors into escape routes clean for life safety, to keep smoke in ceiling for a certain period of time, to allow staff to be evacuated through downstairs and to create safe zones according to our fire regulations.

Fire doors are a good solution in case fire doors are installed at crowded locations and difficulties are present at service traffic, or are designed at places where disabled personnel are located. Vertically operated fire curtains being in door sizes can also be used as a fire door.

Usage Areas of the System

  • At public buildings such as underground stations with high ceilings or in many buildings at the same time,
  • At hotels, university campuses and student dormitories,
  • At long corridor structures like hospital, terminal,
  • At major shopping and commercial centers,
  • At industrial facilities,
  • At metro platforms,
  • Especially for atrium, preferred at recent years, on high structures,
  • Non-fire-resistant elevator doors in front,
  • At static barrier in fire zones, steel structures, suspended ceilings, in-building zones.

Curtain systems; designed, sold, assembled and maintained by our company are imported from Coopers Ltd. – England. Fire and smoke curtains are certified according to BSI 476, EN 1634, EN 13501, EN 12101, and UL Listed R39524, R38679, S35973. Not only fabric of the curtain, but the entire system is certified.

Sample Applied Project

Fire Doors

Steel, glass, wood, spiral, guillotine, accordion type and large hinged fire doors – designed, sold, assembled and maintained by our company- are supplied from Europe with EN 1634 certificate and FM approved UL Listed R7461, R14906 from USA and assembled by us.

Usage Areas of the System

Fire gates are used as escape gates at stairways to empty buildings according to fire scenarios, evacuation plans and architecture or complexes according to life safety rules. In order to keep fire and heat at large volumes from entering into from outside and/or keep inside fire from spreading to outside of buildings, the system, placed in fire walls, is used between fire zones.

Examples of usage areas of fire doors are given as hereunder,

  • At safety halls, at points designed according to the evacuation plan, at fire zones,
  • At critical warehouses or production areas,
  • At transformer apartments, kitchens, boiler rooms, industrial trains,
  • At other places with high fire load,
  • At tunnels and subways.

Ventilation Covers

Ventilation covers designed, sold, manufactured by our company are imported from Europe. Design and assembling are done according to EN norms and risk scenario at required protection time.

Smoke Removal

As fire begins; heat and smoke accumulate rapidly at single storey buildings, atrium facilities or domed architects, large shaft and elevator wells without positive pressurization. If smoke and heat are not blown out, the smoke that accumulates in the upper levels will collapse and move down to floor and spread horizontally. Therefore smoke and heat, apprear with beginning of fire, must be blown out to atmospheric air in a controlled manner.
In case of success;

  • Personnel or fire brigade in a fire area will work more comfortably during rescue, cooling or suppression,
  • Suppressing smokes and heat at one point will be blown out without spreading, so that products, systems, and components contained in whole volume will not be damaged and damage will be minimized,
  • By preventing heat from accumulating inside, fire acceleration will be reduced and products and systems in the volume will be prevented from reaching to a combustion temperature,
  • Toxic gases will be removed from inside,
  • Accumulating heat will not effect on bearing elements, so that stuructal static will not be deteriorated.

Ventilation covers are a very effective and important passive protection system, especially in steel structures, against any fire risk may occur on carriers from 520° C.

Fire Walls

The fire walls; which are designed, sold, imported and manufactured by our company; are installed according to risk scenario considering necessary protection time.

Usage Areas of the System

Fire walls are used at factories, warehouses, tunnels, fire zones and places involving high fire risk. In case of fire, it prevents further growth of fire. It is a preferred solution by separating inflammable and sparking products from each others in a storage and / or production facility.

Fire Barriers

Fire barriers designed, sold, assembled and maintained by our company are imported from Europe

Usage Areas of the System

Fire barriers are used at shaft cavities of buildings, wall passages of cables and pipes by covering spaces at protected rooms. There are different material alternatives. In general, materials with expansion characteristics in the face of heat are preferred. Retarder paints are used in steel and wood constructions.

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