Kitchen Hood System

Automatic suppression system in industrial kitchen is required by regulation. The designs are pre-engineered by our company and supplied by UL Listed Ex5054, S1064, Ex15622 List system from Europe, Israel or USA.

Dry Chemical Powder Systems

It is one of the best solutions especially in classes of (B), (C), (D) fires. These systems are designed and supplied according to NFPA 17 rules, according to the fact that the protected facility is closed or open and risk.

Askeri, sivil araçlarda motor kabinlerinde otomatik sistem olarak anahtar teslimi gerçekleştirilmektedir. 

Dry Chemical Powder (DCP)

According to fire classes, dry chemical powders of class (ABC), (BC) and (D) are supplied and delivered as EN 615 certified or UL Listed Ex6015, Ex1598.

In particular, dusts used in air and marine industries are provided as UL Listed Ex6015, Ex1598. Before delivery of the powder, fire and laboratory tests are done at TSE Gebze facilitie every time.