Fire and Smoke Curtains

Fire and smoke curtains are used to block smoke or heat inside structures or complexes as vertical, horizontal, curvilinear and blocky according to fire scenarios, evacuation plans, and architecture.

Fire Doors

Steel, glass, wood, spiral, guillotine, accordion type and large hinged fire doors – designed, sold, assembled and maintained by our company- are supplied from Europe with EN 1634 certificate and FM approved UL Listed R7461, R14906 from USA and assembled by us.

Ventilation Covers

Ventilation covers designed, sold, manufactured by our company are imported from Europe. Design and assembling are done according to EN norms and risk scenario at required protection time.

Fire Walls

The fire walls; which are designed, sold, imported and manufactured by our company; are installed according to risk scenario considering necessary protection time.

Fire Barriers

Fire barriers are used at shaft cavities of buildings, wall passages of cables and pipes by covering spaces at protected rooms. There are different material alternatives. In general, materials with expansion characteristics in the face of heat are preferred. Retarder paints are used in steel and wood constructions.