Foam Concentrations

Condensed foam; ready-to-use and called foam extract, is imported with certifications of UL Listed Ex6015, ICAO, Lloyd’s Register, LastFire Test, UK Defense and EN 1568 as a synthetic or protein-based from Swedish company FOMTEC, which we are representative of.

Foam Sprinkler Systems

Open type systems are designed with K41 nozzles using a low expansion foam extract. Foam tank (bladder tank) is produced according to NFPA 11 rules in Italy with our company’s brand name. The specifications and design criteria of all products, especially the proportions are designed by matching and assembled and delivered by our teams.

Foam Generators

Foam generators are designed and applied using a high expansion foam extract at times when foam suppression systems are to be made and / or where large volumes of enclosed volumes need to be foamed very quickly.

Manuel Foam Systems

Mobile units are vehicles used to move the monitors used in foam suppression systems. Foam tanks having 100 years of warranty are manufactured from polypropylene material and installed onto tugs. Changes on design may be made according to users’ requests.